"Never again will one generation of Veterans abandon another"


Create 1,000 VETERAN owned, licensed and maintained secure community data bases.

1.  COMMUNITY DIRECTORY contains all businesses and services in the Veteran owner community, comprehensive, current, secure and by invitation only. 

2.  COMMUNITY CALENDAR OF EVENTS.  Secure Junk Free resource of all community events and activities within the Veteran Owners Community. 

Existing Community Directories: 
Capitan Today.com
Ruidoso Today.com
Carrizozo Today.com
Cloudcroft Today.com
Ruidoso Downs Today.com
Zozo Today.com
Applications from Honorably Discharged United States VETERANS being accepted  now:
1.  Define your community


3 VETERAN OWNER receives license to build and operate a secure, comprehensive and junk-free COMMUNITY and SERVICES DIRECTORY in and for the benefit of the Veteran's community, its business's, services and residents.
4  Business and Service Directory information may be entered and edited from any computer, smartphone, tablet 24/7  by authorized personnel.

5.  All Programs and Software required to build and maintain the secure, invitation only COMMUNITY and SERVICE Directory are provided at no cost to the VETERAN OWNER.

6.  All Hardware to maintain the secure, all-inclusive Business and Service Directory in the Veteran Owned Community is provided at no cost to the VETERAN OWNER.

Additional COMMUNITY BULLETIN BOARDS are currently being constructed by VETERAN OWNERS across AMERICA. 

Visit VHVtoday.com for current and future Veteran Community Business's.

Submit all inquiries: VETERAN@VHVTODAY.com